The Broll Duck Story

I wanted to share how I use my Broll. It was given as a gift to me this spring and I can’t start to tell you how much benefit it has made in my life. I can’t lift anything heavy anymore, and have been missing out on taking my grandson to the local pond to feed the ducks (mud hens).

I have included these pictures of taking some of the 20 lb. bag of food off the tailgate and pouring straight into the 5 gallon bucket.


Rolling the 5-gallon bucket loaded with feed is effortless.

The design creates a ‘no effort’ way to transfer the feed from the truck bed to the water. Trying this 100-foot walk in the past after my disability; before the Broll, was impossible.

These picture show you what the most important part of our life these days is, our grandson. The fact that we can make this memory possible; not just for him, but for ourselves, is the reason I wanted to share this story and thank you for making your product that really brings us good times.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Cliff & family

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