I have a hillside property and the Broll really helps when I need to bring a bunch of tools down a set of stairs and across a sloping lawn to do sprinkler repair and garden cleanup. I just throw all my tools, glue, sprinkler heads, etc into a five gallon bucket and roll everything over to the area I need to work at. It saves many of the back and forth type of trip to the garage that always seems to happen when doing these projects.

I also like that the load stays low and flat compared to a regular wheelbarrow. As I get older the wheelbarrow is just getting too hard to deal with on the hill. Half the time I end up tipping over, and having to refill half the mess that I started with. The broil is the perfect size and I can even navigate the stairs with it fully loaded.

Broil is Perfect for Hillside Property
By CR Terry

I bought the Broll as soon as I saw CR Terry’s review as we have a hillside property too. My wife is so happy now that she only has to make one trip to get all her gardening tools up our steep narrow stairs. I am so impressed at how stable the Broll is negotiating stairs and bumps. I myself hauled rocks and dirt. The best feature I accidentally discovered what when I was repainting our house. The paint was so easy to pour. It is a very sturdy well thought out tool. Highly recommended for any DIYers.

Brilliant design
By Ben

I bought this to help me carry my supplies and rocks from my car and up the mountain when looking for rocks.The Broll surpassed my wildest dreams. I used it to hike a mile and a half through rocky and rooted terrain. It went over the rocks and roots easily and when it did get uncentered it just twirled around and righted itself. It has made my trips much easier and I would recommend it to anyone! It was cheapest through Amazon once you considered the shipping and handling the other sites wanted.

Loooooove It!
By Happyrockhoud

I take care of the raffle items for the Wausau Prospectors, a gold prospecting/metal detecting/rocks and gems club. Over the past year I have purchase a number of these for the raffles and one for myself. Club members love it. It sure makes hauling 5 gallon buckets of material a snap. The wife loves to use it when working in the garden, etc. I love it when hauling my concentrates, etc. around.

Makes Hauling a 5 Gallon Bucket of Dirt a Breeze
By waveaction

I purchased this Broll for my girlfriend’s side business. She has a need to bring a small amount of equipment over a very large area to do her work. In the past it has been difficult/tedious to haul these supplies about. Once this Broll arrived, all that changed. It has eased up sore backs from all the bending, and the tools are always right there. The large wheels make navigating rough terrain a breeze. Also, the bucket (which i had lying around) pivots front to back making the whole thing more stable. This product was the perfect solution to our problems. Keep up the good work!

Rolling Bucket
By Jamie

I highly recommend this product. It simplifies any landscaping job where lifting or toting is required. The concept is so simple it is genius. Toting a 5 gallon bucket around can really put a strain on your back. This product eliminates that. Anything that makes my job easier in the garden is a winner in my book, and this product certainly qualifies.

By Jpreview

This is one of the best garden tools I have purchased in a long time. I use it for all kinds of yard chores. For example, when I spray my lawn weeds I place my 2 gallon tank in the bucket, and I don’t have to carry it while spraying. The gimbal mechanism keeps the spray tank vertical. I could go on and on with the things that can be done with this cart to make yard work a little easier. I have been hauling my bright orange 5 gallon Home Depot bucket around the yard for years. Now that task has become a lot easier.

Bucket Cart
By Digital Artist

The Broll works great. It simplifies getting the dirt to the truck in 5 gallon buckets for further processing. The guys can put the bucket in the Broll, and we can roll it over all sorts of area sooooo much easier than a hand truck, or anything else we have. It’s my favorite new piece of equipment this year. What a back saver!!!

Prospector's wifes best friend
By Nancy Eidsmoe (SALOME, AZ, US)

Just received my Broll 5 gallon bucket cart. Great packaging with no damage to the parts. Assembly instructions were clear and easy to understand. I no sooner finished assembly of the Broll than a contractor showed up, who was doing some work at our home and saw the cart and asked if he could try it out to bring some 5 gal. buckets filled with weights up out steep drive to where he was working. I come to find out the buckets weighed 80 lbs with some steel weights in them. He moved them with very little effort and ask where he could buy one.

Being a Mecanical Engineer myself and very critical of products I was greatly impressed with the overall fore thought that went into the design. Better design always leads to better manfacturing which can be seen in this product.

I found out that a large hardware show in Las Vegas, Broll Tools introduced a new clamping attachment that will pick up loaded buckets without the user picking them up and lifting it into the ring. This could be a real winner!! I gotta have one of those.

BTW I am placing an order for a second Broll Cart for a family member as a gift. This wouldn’t be happening if I didn’t believe this to be a great product at a great price. I wish I could rate this product a 5+ at the very least. Buy one and I am sure you will agree.

Broll Cart a real cool productBy luvwoodwkg

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