Review from Garden Tool Co.

The Garden Tool Co is one of our online retailers. They just sent us this review from their site After so much time and effort spent creating the Broll and bringing it to market it’s great to hear this positive feedback…enjoy!

“We are …ahem… yrs old and have a farm to run. Animals need fed and watered no matter the weather! Well, a couple of weeks ago I hurt my back lifting and moving the sides off a grain truck … yes I know I’m not a spring chicken anymore, but my brain dosen’t know that. Winter in Montana means some of our water spigots tend to freeze up so you have to carry water to the livestock. I don’t remember how I found your site, but I saw the Broll and ordered it right away! Wow! It came in about 3 or 4 days! It was a godsend! My husband kind of rolled his eyes when he saw it but he tweeked his back a couple of days ago and guess who is using it now!”

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